Not All Will Understand

We announce that a new congregation is taking shape today!

Almost one year ago, Holly and I packed up our boys and moved to Dayton, TN.  It was a diving calling, and we left all to pursue the directing hand of God into the ultimate unknown.  There was no home, no job, no “ministry”… just an understanding that God had said “go,” so we went.  No one really understood.

Throughout this year, doors have closed one after the other.  Calls have been made and lunch meetings have been plentiful.  Interviews out of the blue would come and go, and the well-meaning would offer to put in a good word for the latest job seen posted at their place of employment.  We couldn’t tell the story that was going on in our hearts and minds… so no one really understood.

Now we enter into a time when I’m not sure any will understand… but we walk into the calling with reckless abandon and a knowing that God is moving in His own unique way and timing.

We are beginning a new work in Dayton TN.  Holly and I are excited to announce that in June we will be having the first service of CityChurch of Dayton.  We are going after those in this city who have not found home.  We are pursuing those who are captives of the enemy and pull them out through the victory already won on the cross.  We are speaking life and hope, offering deliverance, and loving a city so much that we look as if we condone the sin (when in reality it is just showing the unwavering love of Christ).

All I want to do is walk in my calling.  All we want to do is impact a city.  Information will be found here soon.

I haven’t lost my limp.


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5 responses to “Not All Will Understand

  • lucy5678

    I am so so so proud of you BOTH for standing unrelenting in the love of Christ and for passionately pursuing HIS voice above all others! (i know! funny coming from the ‘lil kid you grew up! lol!)
    You never left my prayers for God’s presence and power to consume your lives. I can’t wait to see what He does with your abandon!
    Love you all!!

  • Adam Tripp

    Tina and are excited for you and Holly and this new adventure in Christ! Although I’m sure there have been tough moments (with more to come!), I know that you’ll agree that there is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you have heard the clear voice of divine direction. We are praying for you and believing with you for great things!

  • susan morris

    So excited for you! The Morris family will be praying for you as you commit to reaching a city with the love of Christ!
    Love you guys and standing with you and believing the BEST IS YET TO COME!

  • Jeremy

    I think me and Melissa Know that feeling. When we moved to TN people thought we where crazy even I thought we was crazy sometimes. But I can tell you bro that He does everything He sends His Word to do. I don’t care what it looks like His Promise will happen.

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