Father’s Day 2016

It’s 44 minutes (Eastern Standard Time) into Father’s Day 2016.  I will set this to publish in the morning, but I am up freshly off of having a milkshake from Sonic a little bit ago.

As a sidebar, I didn’t realize that Sonic stayed open on Saturday evenings until midnight.  God bless you Sonic.

I just wanted to thank some people for this day, in a little bit of reverse order.

Isaac, my youngest son, I love you and I love your compassionate heart.  I love that you persevere, and I love that you remain a “fan” of others when the rest would have given up.  Thank you for being my bright eyed wonder and miracle.

Jonathan, my middle son, I love you and I love your heart to live.  I love when I see you shake your head at one of my many projects, but inside I know that you see it too!  Thanks for going outdoors and finding joy in enjoying God’s creation.

Jonah, my oldest son, I love you and I love your free spirit.  I love that you are not scared, even when you are scared.  You keep going and believe that you can do it.  Thanks for being stubborn like me and being willing for God to direct your will in this current adventure.

Holly, my wife, I love you.  I didn’t add anything else because I simply love everything about you.  Thank you for making me a father.  Thank you for helping me learn to be a dad.


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