Thoughts on Love & Correction

I was reading this morning from the book of the Revelation in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The first three chapter have a set up and then some words written to various churches.  These words amounted to the fact that God liked some things about them and also disliked some things about them.  God gives correction to the churches, then John begins to pen the rest of the vision that is found in Chapter 4.

God shows John an open door and invites him in.  There are angels and elders worshiping and it must have been a pretty incredible vision.  It begins with a cry of “Holy, Holy, Holy” and ends with a declaration of the “worthiness” of God.  He is worthy, and the chapter is awesome… but I couldn’t get past one simple thought.  God had corrected the churches, but then offered an open door to come in.  I see a perfect joining of correction and love.  Then, these thoughts came to my mind about what our love should look like, because its what God’s love looks like.

The following are my thoughts on the joining of correction and love, not found in the Bible, so take them as such:

To love so much that your direction to others is seen not as a slight against them, but as an act of compassion.

To say “this is a problem in your life” without coming across as “you are worthless as you are” can only be done when love is present.

To declare that “those things in you and around you are harming you and leading you wrongly, and I value you so much that I don’t want to see you destroyed by those things that are in your life.”

Change because of guilt will absolve the past.  Change because of love will give life for the future.

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