Houston, Hurricanes, and our Heart

Every time there is a disaster throughout the world our hearts turn toward those affected.  Mine is no different.  However, I do struggle with knowing what to do and how to do it.

You see, I do not believe it is enough to just do “something,” because we need to look to do the best thing.  In recent years we have seen and heard of organizations handling money poorly, even criminally, during times such as these, and this makes me leery of giving blindly.  We see redundancy in certain areas while other areas remain without proper assistance, so simply “going” is not enough, because “what if I don’t go to the right place?”  We feel small / insignificant, so we do nothing because the task is so great and we don’t feel as if we could even make a dent.

However, I saw a post yesterday that stated: if you feel a burden / tugging in your heart for an issue, then don’t dismiss it.  In fact it is the Lord who has placed that in your heart for you to take action.  I think this is correct!  I believe that everyone is called to action to do what they are capable of doing.  In fact, as a believer in Christ, I feel that my action is the way to show that my faith is real (see the book of James in the Bible for my thoughts on this…).  So, I would encourage all to continually look for ways they can do whatever it takes to help, in every situation they come across.

I also want to encourage those on social media to watch their hearts in all of this.

Don’t let your humble gifts become moments of arrogance and “humble brags.”  Give to give, not to be seen giving.  I know you are happy you played a role, but resist the urge to post “Blessed to be able to donate…” and the like.  Donate / volunteer / etc., and provide the link for others to do so as well, and then go about your business looking for the next opportunity to serve.

Don’t get caught up in issues that have nothing to do with helping.  There will always be questions of government response, etc., but the arguments only divide and do not actually do anything of value in the moment of need.  Become a part of the process in order to fix the problems you see if you want, but also realize that it is always easier to problem-solve from the sidelines than if you are actually in the game.  We need more people in the game… just know that it gets harder.

Don’t believe everything you read / see / hear.  Much of the time we make (or listen to) a false premise and then allow it to set the stage for our arguments.  In the age of social media, anyone can post anything and all too often no one takes the time to verify the facts before the world runs with it.  There is a saying, “It’s easy to let the cat out of the bag, but impossible to get it back in.” (I think the imagery here is hilarious, by the way.)  Case in point, people everywhere have railed against Lakewood Church and Pastor Osteen during this crisis.  The reality is that most have no idea of anything they are railing against, but their vitriol for a man or a ministry is causing them to jump on the bandwagon of bashing.  I say be careful… because most of the time if you take the time to learn the full story (which always comes out) then you will realize that you spoke out of turn.

I was probably dishonest in the subject title, but I want all to look for ways to help, look for ways to give glory to God more than themselves, and look for ways to stay out of the judgmental fray and belief of disinformation in order to allow wisdom and grace to win the day.

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