I didn’t want to be a preacher.  I didn’t give God much more thought than anything else.  Something changed in me.  HE changed me.

I still don’t want to be what I thought a preacher “was.”  I am consumed with God more than anything else.  He is still changing me.

I blow it a lot.  However, this is what I have going for me: I am a husband of a beautiful woman and a dad of three incredible boys, and am so stinkin’ blessed by this that it is probably a crime.  I don’t apologize for my great marriage; in fact, I brag about it.  My boys love me and that is incredible.  I mentioned that I blow it a lot.  That’s what makes the fact that my wife and kids love me so awe inspiring!  In spite of me, they love me.  Sounds a lot like God and me.

My mission is to Worship my God, Love my Family, and Serve my World.  Nothing else much matters.

Right now… God is changing my name.  Can’t wait to see what He changes it to.

Founder and Pastor at new church plant City Church of Dayton.

2 responses to “About

  • Cary

    That is so funny! It shows the posted date as July 1, 2007, and then says ,”This page will be updated soon.” I’m so bored.

  • bobscott

    I appreciate your input. For informational purposes alone, understand that July 1 was the date that the blog was first established. It was only a couple of weeks ago that this new template and look of the blog was chosen, as the previous format did not have an “About” page.
    Again, thank you for your concern and advice, and our team would direct you to the blog’s home page for actual updated content.

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