We Are Better Than This

We live in a world where if you are for anyone thing then you must be against the other thing.

If you are conservative in any way, then many of those who are liberal will believe and accuse you of being conservative in all ways.  In fact, not just conservative, but to the nth degree, with hatred for all things the liberal holds dear.  If you are liberal, many conservatives feel the same way about you, that you have a hatred for the things the conservative would value the most.  Name calling ensues.  Pandering takes precedence.  No common ground can be discovered over the noise of the demand that the other disavows their hatred and denounces all who would espouse such.  Moral superiority is announced as our side cheers us on and the other looks for a moment to do the same to you.

If you come out in support for an idea that will help one people, then you must be against all other people.  It is not just that you have not helped the other people, but you must hate them because you have chosen to help the one you helped.  It is also not enough today to attempt to help the person that everyone might agree needs helping.  If you attempt to help them in one way that is contrary to the way another would want then you are seen as the enemy and one who wishes the destruction of the one who needs the help in the first place.  Differing solutions for the betterment of people involved are seen as the equivalent as hatred.  This is where we are today.

We refuse to look past the rhetoric and see the heart.  We scream from the “twitter-tops” that we are so humble and how glad we are not like the other side that is not as humble as we.

How arrogant are we?  A world is hurting and we are content with pandering to those who agree with us that the other people who do not are bad.

Keep these things in mind:

  • You can be for one thing that is right without hating those who did not get their way.
  • You can have recognition of a common problem, while still having a different solution to solve that problem, and that doesn’t make you evil.
  • You can maintain a belief that others also believe, without believing everything else those others believe.
  • You can stand for the Truth without being void of compassion.
  • You can disagree with another on some things that are really, really fundamentally important to each of you (on different sides) and still demonstrate love and respect for that other person.


We no longer dialogue.  We no longer listen.  We simply hate and call names.

We are better than this.

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